Annual Meeting of the Parish of Shipdham

April 20th, 2014

The Annual Meeting of the Parish of Shipdham will take place on 29 March from 7:30 pm at The Golden Dog Public House, High Street, Shipdham.  Please come along and hear what is happening in your village.  The date and location has been changed from that previously given in the Shipdham News and at the recent Parish Council meeting.  Refreshments provided.



Shipdham Precept 2014-15

This year has been difficult for setting the village precept/council tax.  The parish started to look at its budgets for the 2014-15 year back in November 2013.  We identified what to spend things on in the village and determined whether we were going to receive a government grant through Breckland Council (as we had done in 2013-14).  Unfortunately we were told the grant was not to be given for 2014-15 and despite lobbying our Breckland representative the grant was confirmed by Breckland as not given.


In January 2014 the Parish Council set its budget at the same level as the previous year (£42,500) and passed it to Breckland Council for your Council Tax bills.  This means that as the government grant was not paid by Breckland your council tax bills will show a 13% increase to Shipdham Parish Council even though our budget level has not increased and here is a table showing the breakdown showing how it will affect you and your property band.

Shipdham PC Annual Council Tax
Band 2014-15 2013-14 Increase Increase
A £45.71 £40.29 £5.41 13.43%
B £53.32 £47.01 £6.32 13.43%
C £60.94 £53.72 £7.22 13.43%
D £68.56 £60.44 £8.12 13.43%
E £83.80 £73.87 £9.92 13.43%
F £99.03 £87.30 £11.73 13.43%
G £114.27 £100.73 £13.53 13.43%
H £137.12 £120.88 £16.24 13.43%


Following a review of policies, in February 2014 Breckland Council decided to release the government grant.  The decision was taken on 27th February 2014 but a deadline was set for the following day for parish budgets to be returned in order to get your council tax bills out.  This meant there was insufficient time to have an extraordinary Parish Council meeting in order to re-set our budget and get the new budget to Breckland Council by 28th February 2014.  So this year the village precept will remain the same at £42,500.

Now we have received the grant this will give the village an extra £5,372, the Parish Council will decide what to do with this additional money over the coming year.


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