Fuel Allotment Trust

Shipdham Parochial and Fuel Allotment Charity meets at least 3 times per year and is able to give grants to individuals of any age, and groups in financial need of assistance.

All applications are made in the strictest confidence with the Trustees.

Shipdham Town Estate & Fuel Allotment Application Form

Lynda Turner (Chairman), 7 Regal Court, Watton IP25 6UT Tel:07500 818315
Sue Dewing, High Bid. Bradenham Road. Shipdham Tel: 820324
John Larwood, Mill Farm, Little Hale Road, Shipdham Tel: 820049
Steve Parfitt, 3 Townsend Place. Shipdham. Tel: 820439
Carole Playford, Marlowe House, The Green, Shipdham 07954 120345
Rev Laura Purnell, The Rectory, Shipdham 821249.
Clerk: June Smith, 10 The Green, Ashill IP25 7AT 01760 440953   shipdhamfuelallotmentcharity@gmail.com

Forms are available from any of the Trustees listed above and also from either the Church or Post Office.