Exciting Plans for Bullock Park and Shipdham

Exciting Plans for Bullock Park and Shipdham

In the past Shipdham has had a number of halls that have sadly been lost owing to changing circumstances over the years.  The village currently does not have a hall building which is fit for the future of our growing village.  Bullock Park Management Committee and Shipdham Parish Council in partnership have started a project to see if we can build a new community hall and expand the park for Shipdham.

This all started with Bullock Park Management Committee some months ago bringing together all interested parties; Shipdham Parish Council, Shipdham Community Centre Trust and Shipdham Bowls Club, with the idea of combining assets across the village to support building a new community building and bowls green at Bullock Park.  This resulted in a group of 6 volunteers who are leading on this project currently.

In February 2023, the first major milestone of the project was achieved through all the interested parties formally agreeing to a proposed new community building and combining assets.  Plus an initial budget has been allocated for professional fees in order to start the next phase of the project which includes fees such as architects.

Our vision is to build a new large community building with facilities fit for the village into the future.  This would include areas such as large meeting rooms (e.g. for events, groups and families as well as meetings), indoor sports facility, kitchen facilities, changing rooms, and an outdoor bowls green along with an expanded park.  We will of course be talking to the village later in the project to see whether other facilities may be required within the building.

This project of course will take some time and we have put an estimate of up to 5 years for completion.  We will be looking for funding through grants as well as other areas of funding once we have a clearer indication of the full project costs.

In the next few months we will be inviting residents of the village to become involved in the project.  We would love to hear from you if you have skills which could help support the project on a voluntary basis (such as Project Management, previous building projects, etc).  Please contact Shipdham Parish Clerk in the first instance at clerk.shipdham@btconnect.com