Grant Funded Projects

Shipdham Heritage Centre

This project to clean, repair and refurbish the cemetery wall and Heritage Centre, is currently in progress following part funding from the Norfolk Community Foundation.

Shipdham Footway Lighting

This project is in progress at the moment (December 2014), following funding from Norfolk County Council Parish Partnership Scheme and once completed further information will follow.


Shipdham LED Street Lamps

Some of you eagle eyed residents may have noticed that we have a new design of street lamp in some areas.  These are LED type lamps and are considerably cheaper to run than our standard sodium lamps.

Thirty of these lamps replaced the old style lamps in Pound Green at a cost of £12,427.   75% of this cost was obtained through a grant from the Norfolk County Council Parish Partnership Scheme, which the Parish Council successfully applied for last year.


As part of the on-going street lamp replacement going on in Shipdham, the Parish Council also replaced 12 lamps in Bradenham Road along with the concrete columns. Over the coming years it is the Parish Council’s intention to replace all the sodium lamps with LED lamps as part of our on-going replacement of the old concrete columns and obsolete lights within the village.  The Council is likely to spend £12,000 next year on further replacement of columns and sodium lamp heads.


Shipdham War Memorial

Over the years, the Shipdham War Memorial in the churchyard had noticeably begun to lean and required attention to prevent further deterioration.  A major project was undertaken to investigate and repair the war memorial.  This has now been completed, for the full story along with pictures showing progress, please

click here.


Shipdham Play Area

At a Parish Council meeting a group of children attended and requested a BMX track for the village, this action highlighted the level of feeling within the village for additional recreational facilities. This resulted in an area of woodland being cleared and made safer to enable children to create their own track.  This also prompted a parish councillor to look into the needs for play and recreation facilities within the village.


The final result was a brand new skate ramp and childrens play area complete with equipment, please follow the link below for a full report and pictures.

Shipdham Recreation Project Progress Report May 11pdf


Shipdham Church Wall

This is the biggest project to date that the village has been involved in, lots of time and involvement from all parts of the community from 2004 to 2009.  Please follow the link below for a summary report and pictures.

 Shipdham Churchyard Enhancement Project

The link below will take you to the full report.

Full CEP Report 2009