Jubilee Time Capsules

Shipdham Jubilee Time Capsule Burial

As part of Shipdham’s 2012 HM Queen Elizabeth II’s Jubilee Celebrations, the burial of 2 time capsules was proposed.  This took some time to be effected, as it required villagers and the Thomas Bullock School children to provide the information to go into the capsules.  By the time the data was available, it was deemed by the Parish Council to be too late in 2012 to inter the capsules, and we would wait until better weather came in 2013 to perform the burial.  The council chose to incorporate the burial with the village fete or “Drynkkings” on the 2013 May bank holiday.

Dutifully on the 6th May 2013 the capsules were interred on the village green.  Each capsule has a plaque attached to it explaining who and what the occasion celebrates.  Furthermore, on top of the hole where the capsules are buried, will be a plaque commemorating the event and requesting that the capsules be unearthed in 2062.

The pictures attached are a record of the event.  The persons doing the interment were:  Master Sydney Hills who is 6 years old and a member of Thomas Bullock School, Mrs Kate Fawcett the Treasurer of Shipdham Royal British Legion, and, completing the burial Mr Peter Dodd who is a Parish Councillor and Poppy Appeal Organiser for Shipdham Royal British Legion.